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This is what I feel like during the opening notes of YEM


This is what I feel like during the opening notes of YEM

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I took some time to figure stuff out before coming back to my blog. I learned a lot about myself and the world over this time, and had experiences that I needed to have in order to continue writing. Some things you need to know about me:

  • I’m a huge Phish fan now, and you’ll be seeing a lot of posts relevant to that fact, including videos of concert footage, links to websites, and references to experiences I’ve had at their life-changing concerts. In fact, probably one of the first things I’ll write about is the two-day concert I went to this summer [2012]
  • I’m still not in school. Big surprise.
  • I work at an Arbys at the moment. What can I say? It’s easy and they don’t drug test me.
  • I do plan on continuing my writings on my book, short episodic stories, and tumblr exclusive writings on my opinions about things. Expect more sarcasm and experimentally different writing styles.
  • Other things. It’s a bit late and my mind is off, but you’ll discover more about me that has/hasn’t changed. It’ll be fun though, the whole way through.

I have mentally entertained the characters that I’ve introduced in my blog over this past year (and many more you haven’t seen yet), and you can expect to see them all again. If I stop posting, I probably just got busy with other stuff in my life. Not gonna lie, having a blog isn’t top priority in my life, but it’s something I want to do because I’d like to write more often. I’ll try to make my entries weekly at the least. Thanks for sticking around; part 2’s gonna be even better!


There are people complaining in the world when we have this?! For shame.

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Haha! Tattoo as cutie mark! :D 

I love this cartoony art style! It’s kinda generic, but there’s also something different about it that I like - I just can’t put my finger on it.





That brofist scene.

As much as I love the falcon to be RD’s pet but Tank deserves it. :)

I love the brofist scene :D

The new episode was the best episode.

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When you see it, you’ll shit bricks


This is exactly how i saw this character throughout the first season

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Photo Set





Toph’s Pointing Out That She Is Blind Photoset | Requested by puzzlegirlsandpoprocks

Toph is the best.

toph baby please

This show was great before Toph joined

Then it was fucking fantastic.


Saka: “I can’t see anything!”
Toph: “Oh no, what a nightmare!” 
Saka: “…. sorry…” 

She was such a cute character

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